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Power of Many – In Sausalito we are “Small But Mighty” and as an Indivisible group we are part of a national network of 6,000 chapters, at least one in every congressional district in the country.  Locally, regionally, statewide, and  nationally, we talk to each other, we share best practices and strategize on how to use our combined power to effect change.  If you join Indivisible, you are not just joining a group you are joining a Movement.

We either partner with other groups specializing in these areas, or we create actions ourselves.

Given the mercurial nature of this administration, actions and mobilizations change rapidly.

To learn more, sign up for our (mostly weekly) newsletter.

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Special Update-Kavanaugh Nomination

Special Update on the Kavanaugh Nomination

Part of the work we do is advocacy - meaning, we talk to our elected officials on issues we care about.   Today we met with staff from Senator Feinstein’s office and today our meeting focused on the Supreme Court nomination.  The meeting gave us clarity and focus, and for that reason we are sending out this special newsletter. Because Senator Feinstein is the Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee, her actions and comments hold exceptional weight on this issue.

Today all ten Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Chris Wray, the head of the FBI, to express their disappointment that the FBI will not be taking any action to investigate Dr. Blasey Ford’s allegations of misconduct.  To add insult to injury, the Democrats heard about this from the press (not the FBI!)

The letter goes on to state that “....when Anita Hill alleged that Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas had sexually harassed her, the Judiciary Committee asked for an FBI investigation before it proceeded….” and “that same day then-White House Counsel C. Boyden Gray directed the FBI to investigate.”  The FBI is not investigating now.

Last week it seemed like the nomination was a done deal.  Despite the continued and typical partisan machinations, this is no longer the case.  More Republicans (Flake, Corker) are starting to suggest that we should slow down. If all Dems vote NO on this nomination, we just need two Republicans to end this nomination.

Senator Feinstein ran for the Senate because she was inspired by Anita Hill.  You’re encouraged to listen to this special episode of The Daily (New York Times podcast) which includes an interview with her.  Fun fact - in 1991, during the Anita Hill testimony, there were only TWO women in the Senate and only 10% of Congress. These hearings so outraged women that the next year, 1992, was called “The Year of the Woman”. That was the year that Dianne Feinstein first served in the Senate.

Today we received 100% assurance that Senator Feinstein will not allow the same dynamic that played out with Anita Hill to play out next week.

Senator Feinstein has already voted NO on Kavanaugh.  When Dr. Blasey Ford’s letter was made public, Senator Grassley tried to have “staff calls” to work it through.  Senator Feinstein pushed back and now we have a hearing.

Senator Feinstein did not release the letter because she made a commitment to Dr. Blasey Ford to protect her confidentiality.

In our meeting today we learned that contrary to our mantra of Don’t Call If You’re Not A Constituent, many of the Democratic Senators on the Judiciary Committee are accepting and tallying calls from non-constituents.  Senator Feinstein views this as an issue of national importance and is accepting calls from out of state on this issue.

So - what to do.

Focus on our message and make calls.  Call not only your Senator but also all of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee.  Reinforce the message where and when you can.

Reach out to friends in conservative communities to write op-eds on the importance of the Supreme Court.  Many people have no idea of the importance of what is at stake. Educate them.

Here is the message (developed further from our newsletter):

Delay these hearings until the FBI has had time to investigate Dr. Blasey Ford’s allegations.  This is not necessarily to pursue criminal charges, but at a minimum to is necessary establish that he could pass a background check.

It is a moral consideration that a Supreme Court nominee is facing credible charges of sexual assault.  This tarnishes the Court and the Judiciary Branch.

It is bad enough that Kavanaugh will upend Roe, but many people don’t know that Roe is the foundation for how many other civil liberties are interpreted, especially our right to privacy in decisions over our own bodies and sexual intimacy.  The American Civil Liberties Union used Roe in defending sex workers, gays and lesbians, adult film stars, and women cohabiting with their boyfriends.

Kavanaugh is an extreme outlier in his interpretation of the “Unitary Executive” theory - stating that the President IS the Executive Branch, and one branch of government (Judicial) cannot interfere with another (Executive).   So Unindicted Co-Conspirator Trump could ignore a subpoena while in office.

Unindicted Co-Conspirator Richard Nixon




Senator Feinstein:  (Best chance of getting through - Fresno and San Diego)

Fresno: (559) 485-7430

San Diego:(619) 231-9712



Senator Harris

SF:  (415) 981-9369

DC:  (202) 224-3553



My name is _______________ and I am a constituent of Senator (Harris/Feinstein).  I am calling today to encourage Senator (Harris/Feinstein) to continue to demand that the FBI investigate Dr. Blasey Ford’s allegations of Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault.  These hearings must be delayed until this FBI investigation is complete.


I am also concerned about about Kavanaugh’s view of  unitary executive power,(his belief that a sitting President is above the law) in light of the  current investigation into President Trump’s possible illegal actions.


This is a lifetime seat on the nation’s highest court, and should be treated as such.  These credible allegations against Brett Kavanaugh damage the institution of the Judiciary and should disqualify him from consideration.  



Patrick Leahy (D-VT)

(202) 224-4242

Email:  https://www.leahy.senate.gov/contact


Dick Durbin (D-IL)


Email:  https://www.durbin.senate.gov/contact/email


Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

(202) 224-2921

Email:  https://www.whitehouse.senate.gov/contact/email-sheldon


Amy Klobushar (D-MN)


Email:  https://www.klobuchar.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email-amy


Chris Coons (D-DE)

(202) 224-5042

Email:  https://www.coons.senate.gov/contact/email-chris


Dick Blumenthal (D-CT)

(202) 224-2823

Email:  https://www.blumenthal.senate.gov/contact


Maize Hirono (D-HI)

(202) 224-6361

Email:  https://www.hirono.senate.gov/contact


Cory Booker (D-NJ)

(202) 224-3224


My name is _______________ and I am a not a constituent of Senator (________).  I am calling today because my concerns relate to an issue of national importance.  I am calling to to encourage Senator (_______) to continue to demand that the FBI investigate Dr. Blasey Ford’s allegations of Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault.  These hearings must be delayed until this FBI investigation is complete.


I am also concerned about about Kavanaugh’s view of  unitary executive power,(his belief that a sitting President is above the law) in light of the  current investigation into President Trump’s possible illegal actions.


This is a lifetime seat on the nation’s highest court, and should be treated as such.  These credible allegations against Brett Kavanaugh damage the institution of the Judiciary and should disqualify him from consideration.  


Be diligent, be persistent.




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S.S. Kavanaugh is Sinking
Dining With Democrats
Postcard Party Tonight!
District Attorney Debate
2020 Census - Make Marin Count
CARB - Public Comment


We'd like to offer some clear messaging around the rapidly sinking BUT NOT DEAD nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.   Use this messaging to continue to call your Senators as we slog through this nomination process.  As with before, please go to our Facebook page for updates on the specific scripts.


Senator Feinstein:  (Best chance of getting through - Fresno and San Diego)
Fresno: (559) 485-7430
San Diego:(619) 231-9712

Senator Harris
SF:  (415) 981-9369
DC:  (202) 224-3553

- Dr. Blasey Ford has nothing to gain by bravely coming forward to tell her story, knowing that she'll be subjected to brutal, partisan attacks (they've already started - ala Don Junior).  Survivors who come forward face relentless retaliation and shaming known as "secondary victimization".  This exacerbates the trauma of harassment and assault.  She is enduring all of this in addition to having to relive the details of her attack because she believes it is her civic responsibility.  She is a patriot.

- No one should question Dr. Blasey Ford's account based on how long ago the attack happened or when she decided to come forward.  What happened decades ago can seem like yesterday to a survivor.

- Providing a list of women Kavanaugh didn't attack says nothing about the honesty of the woman he did attack.

- 65 women who knew Kavanaugh in high school wrote a letter "vouching" for him.  But after Dr. Blasey Ford stepped forward, only two of those women were willing to continue to publicly stand by Kavanaugh.

- This is not a court of law, and this is not a debate about what constitutes due process for Brett Kavanaugh.  Senators need to make a moral judgment over whether a man who has been credibly accused of sexually assault deserves a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

- Sexual assault is a crime of power and exerting control over someone else's body.  Kavanaugh is not only credibly accused of a violent sexual assault, he is seeking a position on the Supreme Court where he will be given the power to control the bodily autonomy of women in America.

- Unlike what happened during the Anita Hill hearings, there should be witnesses called who can corroborate Dr. Blasey Ford.  This could be her doctor, husband, and the FBI agent who administered the polygraph.

- Democrats cannot leave her undefended in the fact of the attacks on her character we know will be coming from the all-male Republican members of the Judiciary Committee.   


It is hard to imagine that this nomination will be allowed to proceed given what we expect in the public hearing next week.  Even from a Republican standpoint this creates some difficult political calculus.  Would the Republican majority survive the midterms given how these hearings will go?  Is it worth it to rush through a nominee who is there only to protect the President?  Why on earth is a sexual predator President allowed and enabled to support a sexual predator for the Supreme Court?

And when you have a moment, give thanks to the Suffragettes and their efforts to get the Nineteenth Amendment passed.  Women have had the right to vote for 98 years.  We intend to use it in this most critical of elections.

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DINING WITH DEMOCRATS (sorry about the formatting)

Join the Marin Democrats at our annual event

Dining with Democrats

“Ride the Blue Wave to Victory”

September 22, 2018
5:30-8:30 PM
Corte Madera Community Center
498 Tamalpais Drive
A time to mingle with Marin Democrats,
elected officials and special guests,
and enjoy fine food and beverages.
Keynote Speaker
Steve Phillips
author, “Brown is the New White”

Special Guest Speaker
Assemblyman Tony Thurmond, 15th District
candidate for State Superintendent of Schools

Special Guest Speaker
Daraka Larimore-Hall
Vice-Chair of the California Democratic Party
VIP Reception 5:30PM - Dinner 6:30PM - Program 7PM
VIP Reception and Dinner - $100.00 per person
Dinner - $75.00 per person ($85 after 9/19/2018)
RSVP here

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Join us for our WEEKLY Postcard Parties.   These are drop-in, free, we provide the supplies, you provide the desire to do what you can to support candidates who will neuter the dotard in the White House (and his entire criminal enterprise):

TONIGHT (Tuesday, September 18)
Salito's Crab & Prime Rib
1200 Bridgeway, Sausalito
6:30pm - 8:30pm

FRIDAY NIGHT (September 21)
Private Residence, Sausalito
Email Anne Brown at annebrown@sopris.net so you can eat all of her chocolate and drink all of her wine.
6pm - 8pm

These are but a few of the plethora of the actions you can take to stand up and fight back and WIN ELECTIONS in the upcoming Midterms.  Please go to our Events Calendar for many more opportunities.

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Tomorrow night, Wednesday, September 19, come to support our endorsed candidate for District Attorney, Anna Pletcher in a facilitated debate between her and her opponent.  It will take place at San Rafael City Hall at 6:30 pm.


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The 2020 Census will likely be the most difficult census in recent history, and there could not be more at stake.  With the 2020 Census less than two years away, California and Marin County are at serious risk of an undercount which could result in the loss of billions of dollars in Medicaid, SNAP, and Medicare resources as well as the loss of at least one Congressional seat.

The addition of the citizenship question and the climate of fear cultivated by the Federal administration, ensuring a complete and accurate count, particularly among the stat's immigrant communities and communities of color, will be more difficult than ever.

Canal Alliance is hosting an event to bring together leaders, information resources, and ideas to ensure that everyone counts in Marin County. 

This event will be on Tuesday, September 25 from 5:30-8:30pm at Guzman Hall, Dominican University.

RSVP here

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No this is not about limiting your sugar intake.

In order to continue to assault everything we believe in, this Presidential administration is proposing to revoke standards for greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles.  The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has proposed amending the California Low-Emission Vehicle III Greenhouse Gas Emission Regulation to ensure that cars and light-duty trucks for model years 2022-2025 continue to meet California standards even if Federal standards are frozen.

To ensure that the effects of any federal weakening for model years 2021 through 2025 are not felt in California, CARB is proposing amendments to its LEV III greenhouse gas emission regulations to clarify that the “deemed to comply” option is available only for the currently adopted federal greenhouse gas regulations.

CARB will be having a public hearing on amendments to the Low-Emission Vehicle III Greenhouse Gas Emission Regulation on Sept. 27th at 9:00AM in Sacramento. The time/date of the actual hearing would be difficult for folks to attend, but they also have a period open for public comment (link here).

Specifically, CARB requests comments on potential flexibilities that might allow for continued compliance with the federal standards, or reward national actions to promote cleaner vehicles. The comment period begins on 10 August and continues through 26 September. The Board will consider the proposal for adoption at its regular meeting on 27-28 September 2018.

The public comment option began on Aug. 10th and goes until Sept. 24th at 5PM.

We encourage you to leave a comment to show your support for this action.  An idea for a script is:

Automakers and its advocates such as the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers want one national set of rules for both emissions and greenhouse gases. Without a national regulatory framework, the California-led states, which together account for about one-third of the U.S. new vehicle market, could create a separate market, raising complexity and costs for the industry. I'm writing in support of your proposed amendments to the Low-Emission Vehicle III Greenhouse Gas Emission Regulation.  We must, at all costs, protect our own stringent standards against attack by Trump's EPA.

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We're less than 50 days away from the most significant election in your lifetime, less than a week away from potential confirmation of a privileged, misogynistic, mansplaining troll becoming a Supreme Court justice.

Find a way to find a way to make a difference. There is a lot of good work you can do, even if it's only a phone call or an email.  DO IT.


Statue of Liberty


Brett Kavanaugh Still Hates You
Anna Pletcher Loves You
Republicans Will Win in November
We'll Always Have Paris
Don't Buy This Tshirt
Go Forth


Last week we saw something we're not used to seeing - Democrats with some fight in them - as they stood up to the blatant corruption in both the process and in the nominee for the Supreme Court.

Barring a miracle of decency and integrity, Kavanaugh will make it out of the Judiciary and face a full vote from the Senate by the end of this week.  We know about Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, and there are also some queasy Dems who need our attention.  Problem for us is that we don't LIVE in those states.  Constituent pressure from people in those states making calls to their senators is what we need.

Resistance Labs is offering texting opportunities (they call them "workflows") to nudge our neighbors to make those calls.

Last week, Resistance Labs texters sent 30,000 texts to target Senators in key states:  Sen. Murkowski in Alaska, Sen. Collins in Maine, and Sen. Manchin in West Virginia. We're just getting started.

They're ready to send 65,000 texts to Indiana, North Dakota, Alabama, and Missouri to ask Senators to stand up to Trump and oppose Kavanaugh's nomination.  DO THIS.

You will need to sign up for a workflow here.  The workflow then shows up either on your phone or on your laptop in the "Hustle" app (learn about that here).


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Last week we endorsed Anna Pletcher to be our next District Attorney.  Anna said, "I am honored to be endorsed by Indivisible Sausalito. We share a commitment to justice with integrity -- protecting our immigrant community, promoting racial equity, defending our environment, and creating a safer, stronger Marin. I look forward to working together."

So let's get Anna elected!  We're going to be postcarding to Sausalitans who need to know about Anna tonight at our Postcard Party (Salito's - 1200 Bridgeway Blvd - Sausalito -6:30pm).  For more opportunities, go here and sign up!

Also, support Anna in the Marin DA Debate, co-sponsored by the Marin chapters of the LWV and ACLU, moderated by Yoel Haile (Criminal Justice Associate with the ACLU of Northern California). The format will address important law enforcement issues and allow each candidate to respond and then to provide rebuttal.  The moderator will have the ability to clarify or refocus questions to keep answers responsive to the questions.  The debate will be streamed and Tweeted live and available later on YouTube.

It will be on Wednesday, Sept 19, 6:30-8:00p, San Rafael City Hall.  To view the candidates' responses to questions posed by the ACLU, go here, to https://vote4da.org/.

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This is the most important election of your lifetime.  Despite the hoo-hah about the Blue Wave if we get complacent we risk losing and losing everything we believe in.  We cannot let up....NO PRESSURE OR ANYTHING.

What follows are just a few opportunities to get your election on.  Super big secret - you will have FUN taking down Republicans.

For a more complete list, check out our Events Calendar here.


We provide the supplies, the instructions, and the GLITTER PENS.  You provide the existential outrage.

Tuesday, September 11, 10AM
Private Home, Kentfield
Email DebbieT@gmail.com to RSVP

Tuesday, September 11, 6:30PM
Salito's Crab & Prime Rib
1200 Bridgeway, Sausalito
We'll be postcarding into CA-04, postcarding for Anna Pletcher, and MORE
Drop-in, no need to RSVP

Friday, September 14, 6pm
Private Home, Sausalito
Email Anne at annebrown@sopris.net


Sunday, September 16, 3-5:30pm, San Rafael Community Center


Do your friends feel intimidated about participating or don't know how to get involved? Or, do they feel frustrated? Tell them to turn Frustration into Action and attend the Marin Volunteer Fair where we will help guide them with continuous, revolving, 20 minute introductory sessions into effective electoral  tools like, canvassing, phone phone banking, text banking, post carding and voter registration.

The Marin Volunteer Fair will take place Sunday September 16th, 3-5:30pm at the San Rafael Community Center organized by NorCalBlueWave with Indivisible Sausalito, Indivisible Marin, Sister District Marin, and Novato Stands United. Participating groups also include Marin Democrats, Democracy Action , Solidarity Sundays, MVCAN and OFA.  If you’re already volunteering, remember, 'Tell Friends and Bring Friends’ to the Fair and help them get engaged.

To register or to volunteer at the Fair go to: https://marinvolunteerfair.com.


We've marched. We've rallied. Now we're ready to give it everything we've got, on the last weekend before the midterm elections.

Study after study shows that the most effective way to get people to vote is by having conversations with them in the four days before Election Day (Saturday, November 3rd–Tuesday, November 6th).

Each of us has the power to make a big difference in a key race by talking to voters. Don't just vote this year—volunteer!  Will you be there when it matters?

Sign up here, using our group's special link, so that we can make sure to reach out to you then.

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GETTING TO PARIS without stopping in Washington!


Christiana Figueres, Architect of the UN Paris Climate Agreement And California EPA Secretary Matt Rodriquez in conversation with UC Berkeley Professor Daniel Kammen, Contributor to the Nobel-Prize-Winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Joined by Congressman Jared Huffman, Marin Supervisors Kate Sears and Damon Connolly, Novato Mayor Josh Fryday, and Marin School of Environmental Leadership student Cameron Evans discussing how citizens and communities can come together to achieve global climate goals.

Saturday, September 15

Festivities start at 5:30pm with the Marin Climate Action Showcase sampling local drinks, tastes and activism

Speakers at 7pm

Tickets here

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We have ONE DAY LEFT to order the world's most magical, most lucky, winning-lottery-numbers-may-be-hidden-in-our-logo, most likely to beat Ted Cruz, most astrologically perfect* tshirts and hoodies!!  Calling all hoodie fans! THIS IS IT.  Place your order for your size preference, your color and cut preference, and voila!  It's yours!

Order Tshirts here
Order Hoodies here

*DISCLAIMER:  All claims are 100% true except for those that aren't

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Who doesn't remember where they were the morning of September 11, 2001, seventeen years ago today.  Our lives are rocked by gut punches and they are defined by what we do when they happen.  After something rocks your world how many of you have done things you've never done, or done again things you thought you never would have to.  We are each capable of extraordinary courage, resilience, and kindness.

Saint Francis and the Sow

By Galway Kinnell

The bud

   stands for all things,

   even for those things that don’t flower,

   for everything flowers, from within, of self-blessing;   

   though sometimes it is necessary

   to reteach a thing its loveliness,

   to put a hand on its brow

   of the flower

   and retell it in words and in touch

   it is lovely

   until it flowers again from within, of self-blessing;   

   as Saint Francis

   put his hand on the creased forehead

   of the sow, and told her in words and in touch   

   blessings of earth on the sow, and the sow   

   began remembering all down her thick length,   

   from the earthen snout all the way

   through the fodder and slops to the spiritual curl of the tail,   

   from the hard spininess spiked out from the spine   

   down through the great broken heart

   to the sheer blue milken dreaminess spurting and shuddering   

   from the fourteen teats into the fourteen mouths sucking and blowing beneath them:

       the long, perfect loveliness of sow.

Last week was Rosh Hashana (New Year), and next week is Yom Kippur.  If you're not Jewish, please consider doing more actions than usual so our observant neighbors can immerse themselves in these sacred days knowing others are pulling a little extra.